Educational Leadership Today and Tomorrow: The Law as a Friend or Foe

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by Roderick C. Flynn
Production/Release Date: April 2010

Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Conference held in Halifax, Nova Scotia 2008.

  1. La lutte pour une politique de harcèlement - le cas de l’AÉFM
    Richard Alarie
  2. Governors Leading Education: A South African Case Study on the Law on Educator Appointments Turning Friends into Foes
    Prof. Johan Beckmann and Dr. Sakkie Prinsloo
  3. Dispute Resolution: From Informal to Legislation - A Manitoba Perspective
    Joanna Blais and Doug Anderson
  4. Legal and Policy Barriers to Professional Learning Communities: The Law as Friend or Foe to a Culture Shift in Schools
    Ken Brien, Ed.D.
  5. First Nations Education: A Legal and Administrative Quagmire
    Sheila Carr-Stewart
  6. Defamation - Your Legal Options
    Sarah Colman and Allyson Otten
  7. The Impact of Education Law on the Everyday Practice of Educators
    Jerome G. Delaney
  8. The Authority of the School Principal: Waxing or Waning?
    Nancy Desrosiers
  9. Media and Communication Technology: Education’s Friend or Foe? Cyberbullying -
    Collette Dowhaniuk
  10. Health and Safety of Students
    Robert G. Keel and Nadya Tymochenko
  11. Regulating the Regulators
    Jacqueline E. Lord
  12. The Challenge of Identifying Teachers as Professionals
    David Mangan
  13. Safe and Inclusive Schooling = Expensive Quality Education = Priceless
    For Everything Else There are Lawyers
  14. A. Wayne Mackay
  15. First Nations Control of Education: Legal Issues and Challenges
    Dr. Jerry Paquette and Dr. Gerald Fallon
  16. Educational Aspects of the Nunn Commission of Inquiry
    Ian Pickard and Sara Josselyn
  17. From "Zero Tolerance" to Progressive Discipline: Ontario’s Bill 212
    Victoria Réaume and Janina Fogels
  18. Stories of Disillusionment: Creating Alternatives to Expulsion
    Lisa Romano-Dwyer
  19. Media and Communication Technology: Education’s Friend or Foe? Management the Media in Times of Crisis
    Peggy Sweeney