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Innovation in Education: Capital Ideas

Presenters are sought for inclusion in the agenda of the CAPSLE 2022 virtual conference to be held from noon – 4 p.m. E.T. on May 1–3, 2022.

This annual conference attracts experienced educators, lawyers, academics, and others interested in the relationship between education and law, and more specifically in the practical application of the law in the education context.

Because this conference will be conducted virtually instead of in person, there are some new commitments that we require of all presenters. These are set out under the Proposal Submission Guidelines below. To be selected as a presenter, you must agree to these requirements.

Please note that all conference presentations during this virtual conference will be recorded and will be made available to conference attendees to access in the weeks following the conference. The conference program will include up to 30 concurrent sessions. Presentations must be no more than 45–50 minutes in length and must allow for 10 minutes of questions from the participants. Please note that this is a slightly shorter timeframe for the presentations than has been the norm for face-to-face conferences. The reduced duration reflects best practices in the virtual context.

We encourage presenters to promote opportunities for discussion and interaction between presenter(s) and participants, and the virtual conference platform will allow for shows of hands, polling, question, and answers, etc.

Individual, group, or panel presentations are welcome. In keeping with CAPSLE’s mandate, we strongly encourage presenters to submit joint or panel presentations which will provide, for example, both union and management perspectives on any given topic. We also welcome submissions in either English or French, as well as those with a focus on post-secondary education.


Presenters are asked to provide the following:

While all proposals for presentations will be considered, there are a few topics that are always of interest to CAPSLE members, in addition to new and emerging issues:

Please note that any papers and any PowerPoint submitted by presenters will be made available to attendees via the virtual conference platform and will also be added to the Members Only page of the CAPSLE website.

An electronic copy of your paper and/or presentation documents must be submitted on or before March 31, 2022, for inclusion on the virtual conference platform.



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Connect with CAPSLE on Twitter! Find us at @_CAPSLE


Connect with CAPSLE on Twitter! Find us at @_CAPSLE